UCaaS and Your IT Infrastructure

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) or hosted voice solutions are all the rage right now in the business world. Flexibility and the option for remote work are a necessity for keeping valuable talent in your workplace. UCaaS makes this possible from a communication and collaboration standpoint, but you need to consider your IT infrastructure if you are thinking about implementing one of these solutions.

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UCaaS and Your IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business. Your business is a living, breathing organism, and without the backbone, none of the other parts will work properly. This goes for UCaaS or any hosted voice solution that you may be considering implementing into your business.

As we all know, the number of internet-connected devices that we use continues to increase. This impacts everything from bandwidth and internet speeds, to physical security. If you are considering implementing a new communication platform such as UCaaS, it is important to understand if it will work with your current IT infrastructure, bandwidth, and internet speeds.

If you haven’t upgraded your network in over a decade and are currently using a premise-based desk phone, there is a huge chance that your current infrastructure will struggle to handle a new UCaaS solution. This goes for any type of upgrade you are considering. If your IT infrastructure isn’t up to date, you need to start there so that you are set up for success moving forward. It is very common for customers to come to us looking for a top-of-the line solution, but they haven’t maintained their network properly for years. This is comparable to trying to download the latest smart phone update on a flip phone from 2007 – it simply won’t support it. If you were to speak to a sales representative who is only in it for the sale, they won’t tell you this. That is where we come in.AdobeStock_85122323-1

Analyzing Your IT Infrastructure

Matrix-NDI offers a wide range of UCaaS soltutions. We are a top partner and provider of RingCentral, NEC, Call Tower, Zoom, and 8x8. Our sales representatives and field technicians are experts on these products to help you decide which product suits you, the implementation, training, and maintenance of your solution. However, that is only a small piece of what we do.

Our bread and butter is IT infrastructure. Low voltage structured cabling is the heart of our business, and we can handle almost anything that transmits data signals. We have a nation-wide network of field technicians and smart hands that can repair, update, or build IT networks from the ground up. We can quickly assess your current environment and help you make informed decisions to get UCaaS implemented into your business. Unlike a majority of UCaaS providers, we have the ability to complete any IT infrastructure upgrades you need. We won’t sell you a solution that will struggle to operate efficiently in your environment.

Optimizing Your Solutions

While you are considering upgrading your communication platform, you should also consider your physical security systems, paging, and white noise. All of these solutions can be optimized to work together. Old school door locks and alarm systems can rack up costs due to false alarms resulting in police visits, or employees having difficulty entering your building. Our physical security experts can help you implement key card access or even entry using your mobile device.

The number one thing all humans have in common in 2022 is that we all have our mobile phones with us. We can help you optimize your business by centralizing your solutions and enabling mobile-friendly capabilities. This all starts with your IT infrastructure, the backbone of your business. Everything solution you have, or plan to implement, is dependent on the health of your IT infrastructure.

We discussed quite a few concepts in this blog. We can help you come up with a step by step plan to obtain your UCaaS goals beginning with your IT infrastructure. If you have questions on UCaaS or your IT environment, reach out to us at ContactUs@Matrix-NDI.com or call 763-475-5500.

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