National IT Project Rollouts

We often complete projects for customers that include many locations spread across a region or the entire country. This is considered a national IT project. Whether your business is a franchise or corporate model, we can ensure that your business looks and operates the same way across all locations.

We have a network of expert technicians across the country which enables projects to be completed faster, while saving you the added cost of travel. 


Any Solution Can Be A National IT Project 

We offer a wide range of IT solutions and services at Matrix-NDI. All of our technology offerings can be completed on a national scale. With every customer being unique with unique needs, we often customize projects by combining different solutions to achieve the the customer's goal. 

A successful national IT project rollout doesn't happen with a great solution alone. It requires precise communication, transportation, timing and procurement. Some of our customers prefer to complete large projects in phases, while others want to roll out new installations or upgrades all at once. We are here to ensure that your business function is not interrupted while we complete your multi-site project. 


What Does A National IT Project Rollout Look Like?

For a large multi-site project rollout, you need to work with a company you can trust. The process of a national IT project rollout begins with you and your dedicated Matrix-NDI Account Manager. You will work together to define the scope of your project and from there a dedicated Matrix-NDI project manager will be engaged to ensure that the project moves smoothly from start to finish. 

If you have a team of project managers on your team, our project managers can work alongside them throughout the project. No project managers on your team? No problem, we can take care of everything for you. To learn more about our National IT Project Management department, click the button below. 


We can take the guesswork out of implementing a large IT project for your business.

Reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you.

The 3 Pillars of National IT Projects

How we ensure that your goals are achieved


You know your business better than anyone. Our job is to collaborate with you to find the best solution to fit your needs. To do this we need to understand your challenges, budget, and timeline.


We partner with many brands and manufacturers in order to offer a wide range of products - with a wide range of prices. This enables us to customize a project plan for you that won't break your budget.


Working with a trusted partner on a project implementation is paramount to it's success. Our project management team and your account manager will be in contact with you throughout the entire process so that you are aware of the status of your project, any challenges that arise, and package all necessary documentation for you after each site is completed.


Think of us as an extension of your own team.


We want to be a valued partner of yours after your project is completed. We can take care of repairs, future upgrades, or new installations for you with ease since we will be familiar with your business and preferences.


When possible, we send technicians that have been to your locations before so that your onsite staff are familiar with them, and they are familiar with the technology in your space. Reach out to us to learn more about our continued support offerings.



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