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Two men utilizing an IT solution at a computer in a manufacturing facility

Critical Technology

The IT infrastructure in a manufacturing facility allows for accurate, real-time analytics and production tracking. Having insight into each part of the production process helps you highlight areas of waste, error, and costly down time. Packaging your communications, production analytics, and data storage into one systems creates a simplified ecosystem of information so you and your team can focus on your products and supporting consumer demand.

Smart building technology is a great way to save cost on electricity, and reduce your carbon footprint. With low voltage lighting, smart HVAC systems, and sensors throughout your space we can ensure that energy is being used exclusively where it needs to be. Upgrading your facility can help you create more sustainable processes.

Two men walking through future manufacturing facility

Our Process.


As with all of our projects, we will start off by asking you a series of questions to understand your current space and what your goals are. We don't want to disrupt what has been working for you, we want to offer solutions that improve upon these existing processes. We see ourselves as your partner and an extension of your team while we are working with you on a solution. A few examples of discovery questions we would ask are:

  • What is your facilities production capacity? Are you hoping to increase this capacity?
  • How much power is needed today? 
  • Is your IT closet or data center large enough for your current needs? 
  • Where will your critical IT equipment be stored during this project?
  • What is your production schedule and when can we access the building for project implementation?

Along with these questions surrounding your facilities, we will dive into technical questions focused on the products and processes you currently have. It is important that we understand what is existing so we can make adequate recommendations for changes.


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