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Business Phone Systems

Phone systems are the first thing that come to mind in regards to business communication platforms. At Matrix-NDI we see business phone systems as much more than just a way to make phone calls. We offer many different products and solutions to ensure that all of your communications needs are met inlcuding voice, voicemail, instant message, video conferencing, fax, email, and paging. Our solutions combine all of these capabilities into one mobile and desktop application.

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Cabling Site Surveys

The first step in a low voltage cabling project is a cabling site survey. A site survey is important because it ensures that your team and our technicians have an understanding of your current environment, and the goals you have for the future. This phase of the project ensures that your project results set you up for success both now and in the future when you decide to make further upgrades or expansions. 

Site surveys can include heat mapping for wireless projects, continuity testing on your existing cabling, and analysis on the current hardware you have to ensure that it will support the changes you are hoping to implement.


IT Infrastructure Solutions

Our IT infrastructure solutions focus on wired and wireless internet, SD-WAN, network engineering, software and hardware. Our expert network engineers can handle the staging and configuration of your network switches, routers and wireless access points in house before they are installed at your business locations. Our network engineers work alongside our cabling technicians to ensure that your final project result exceed your expectations. We can handle projects of all sizes in remote and urban areas.

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