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Data Center Cleaning Services.

  • Organization and labeling of wiring and IT infrastructure
  • Inspection of cable grade used, how it is installed, and it's functionality compared to your goals
  • Installation of server cabinet doors, rackmounts, and racks
  • Inspection of Cooling System, including air intake locations
  • Recommendations on your current hardware lifecycle
  • Recommendations for maintenance
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The Risks of a Messy Data Center

The average cost of data center downtime for larger companies is $5,600 per minute and often results in an expense that can reach upwards of a whopping $500k! The real losses incurred by end-users and lost IT productivity might be far higher than what you think.

With a cost of downtime that can exceed $500K for a single event, companies need to be prepared. Businesses also have a greater risk of financial loss when their IT department doesn't provide on-premises backup devices due to the added expense. Valuable time can be lost when waiting for a replacement appliance to arrive, potentially bringing your entire company to a temporary halt.

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Why Choose Matrix-NDI to Help With Your Data Center?

Our highly trained and certified IT staff will clean up your cabling, data racks and cabinets to ensure top performance. While there, we will inspect to determine if any new wiring, cooling system, or other IT infrastructure should be reviewed or replaced.
Matrix-NDI will ensure your data center environment is set up for easy maintenance, safe for employees, and free from potential interference.

Contact us to learn how we can take this task off your plate, giving you confidence that your data center or IT closet conforms to industry standards!

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