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We know communication is the key to any business. You need to be able to reach people not only in the office next to you, but around the world. Business is not only conducted in the office anymore, but on the road and at home. Your communication platforms need to keep up with your employees, not slow them down.

Matrix-NDI offers the top UCaaS and hosted voice brands on the market today. We have done the research for you so that we can help you make informed decisions on what is best for your unique business. 

Since 1985, we have been experts on all things communication. We have been a part of the evolution of on-premise phone systems, and now cloud-based voice applications. 

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UCaaS Business Phone Systems

A Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) business phone system is the most efficient, scalable, and cost effective business phone system on the market today. It enables employees to utilize voice, voicemail, text, fax, and video conferencing capabilities from anywhere in the world without the need to forward calls from your desk phone. With UCaaS, you can install an application on your mobile device and laptop in minutes. 

With the option to include a physical desk phone, soft phone, or headset, UCaaS is truly a solution suitable for any business:

Scalable. UCaaS platforms are cloud-based, meaning that you can add or remove a user in a matter of minutes. UCaaS solutions are designed to grow and develop with your business. 

Efficient. Your UCaaS solution enables employees to focus on their daily tasks. They can utilize voice, voicemail, fax, text, and video conferencing tools anywhere in the world.

Secure. The UCaaS Solutions that we offer are hosted on servers that are end-to-end encrypted. We provide UCaaS solutions across all industry verticals including healthcare, government, financial. 

Cost Effective. UCaaS solutions are subscription based, meaning you know the exact cost and will always have the updated features. You don't need to worry about product maintenance or the work involved in keeping your system running. 

Customizable. Your employees are not one-size-fits-all, so your communication platform shouldn't be either. With UCaaS you have options when it comes to hardware. You can use your mobile device, laptop, a soft phone or headset, or a physical desk phone. 




Why Matrix-NDI for UCaaS?

Unlike most providers of UCaaS business phone systems, Matrix-NDI can handle all of your communication needs at once. As a full suite data and infrastructure provider, we eliminate the need to bring in a 3rd party to configure your network or increase your bandwidth, because that is our bread and butter. UCaaS can be utilized for much more than simply making voice calls or video conferencing. We can help you maximize your solutions capabilities and integrate it into other areas of your business operations. 

  • IP Paging
  • Door & Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Wireless Access Points & Site Surveys
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Network Engineering



Matrix-NDI is a nationally recognized partner and installer of RingCentral?

That's right, we partner directly with RingCentral to ensure our customers network and data infrastructure environment support peak UCaaS functionality. 


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