How Structured IT Cabling is Important in the Age of Cloud Solutions

A common misconception is that cloud solutions and cloud storage has rendered structured IT cabling useless. This could not be further from the truth, as the cloud has placed even more emphasis on the importance of IT infrastructure. To explain this misconception, it is important to understand what the cloud is, and how a structured IT cabling system works. […]

Retirement Announcement - Steve Cosgrove

After almost 17 years with Matrix-NDI working as a Field Technician, Steve Cosgrove retires today! In order to send him off into retirement properly, we want to highlight some parts of his career and personal life. We are so thankful for all of the hard work Steve has done for us and wish him all the best as he enters retirement.  […]

Why Your Structured Cabling Network is Critical for IT Security Management

The structured cabling network is a topic that many businesses find daunting. If you do not work in information technology, you may not even be familiar with what structured cabling is or what it does for you. When we initially discuss structured cabling networks with our customers we usually hear “what we have is working just fine” or “we don’t have the budget for that right now, we are focusing on (insert other IT issue here).” […]

10 Questions You Should Ask Potential Security Solutions Providers

The term security covers everything from physical building access and visitor management, to network and cyber security. Depending on how your business is set up, you will need a mixture of these solutions to ensure that you are protected. Some business operate completely online, while others house high volumes of inventory with physical locations. […]

10 Questions You Should Ask Potential Voice Applications Providers

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a key component of any business. Having the ability to communicate with coworkers and customers in a secure and efficient way is considered a top priority in every industry. There are a ton of options and providers for UCaaS solutions on the market, which makes it difficult to know which one will be the correct fit for your business. […]

10 Questions You Should Ask Potential Low Voltage Cabling Providers

Infrastructure is a component of a business that is rarely seen or thought about by employees or customers. However, it is the backbone of the entire organization and if it isn’t working properly, the pain will be felt throughout the entire facility. It is extremely important to ask the correct questions when deciding between low voltage cabling providers for this reason. […]

Temperature Scanner Kiosk with Facial Recognition

As we are all aware, COVID-19 has changed the way businesses are operating within every industry. As time passes we are seeing the possibility of certain businesses resuming operations with the stipulation that regulations and processes are in place to keep employees and patrons safe. […]

Emergency Services Information - Dialing 911 with a Corporate Softphone

Important Emergency Information Regarding IP Telephones and Softphones With the rush to get employees working from home, it’s important to ensure emergency services arrive at the correct location if 911 is dialed. Using a corporate softphone or IP telephone may cause emergency services to track your location incorrectly. […]

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The Cybersecurity Framework is a guidance for organizations that was created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for reducing cybersecurity risk. NIST designed this framework with direction from the White House as a “common language” for cybersecurity risk management with the goal of making it easily understood by people will all levels of cybersecurity knowledge. This framework was initially created for use by companies that are a part of the U.S. critical infrastructure, but many organizations in the private and public sector have begun using the approach. […]

Temporary Technology Solutions Create Permanent Problems

In many aspects of our lives we make decisions every day. Many decisions usually have positive and negative consequences - like buying a new car. When you are deciding to buy a new car, you consider the positives: a new car that won’t break down and has a safety rating that will make you feel safer transporting your children. You also consider the negatives: the added financial burden or parting with your trusty old college car (who has an endearing name). […]