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Frequently asked questions

In a world where everything is becoming cloud-based, it can be challenging to know what it infrastructure to "<x> as a service" means. Answers have changed over time as technology advances and our needs change - but don't worry, there's always someone here who knows how all this works.

Here is a list and explanation of many of the "aaS" terms you may hear discussed.
  • 1. BaaS - Backup as a Service
    Backend as a Service, or BaaS, is a cloud computing service model in which developers outsource all of the behind-the-scenes elements of a web or mobile application, leaving them only to code and maintain the frontend. BaaS providers have pre-written software for server activities, such as user authentication, database management, remote updating, push notifications (for mobile apps), and cloud storage and hosting.
  • 2. CaaS - Cloud as a Service
    CaaS is a term used to describe all-in-one services that bundle infrastructure, platform, and Software-as-a-Service technologies into one subscription. It's also commonly referred to as "cloud services."
  • 3. CCaaS - Contact Center as a Service
    CCaaS is a cloud-based contact center solution that provides businesses with the tools to manage customer interactions across various channels, from voice and chat to email and social media.
  • 4. DaaS - Data as a Service, Desktop as a Service
    DaaS, Data-as-a-Service, refers to any cloud-based service that provides users access to various data types. This can include enterprise records, personal files, or data generated by sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT).Data as a Service is similar to Desktop-as-a-Service, which provides IT departments and other organizations with remote delivery options for their company's desktop computers. With DaaS, users can access virtualized desktops through a network connection rather than a physical one and easily switch between different devices to complete their work.
  • 5. DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service
    DRaaS is a cloud-based service that provides organizations with a way to recover from a natural or manmade disaster. It's a subscription-based service that typically includes data backup, replication, and failover capabilities. More robust than backup aaS.
  • 6. FaaS - Function as a Service
    FaaS is a cloud computing service model in which developers can write code that is executed in a cloud environment. Also known as the Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) model, it allows developers to focus on coding and execution without worrying about server management or infrastructure scaling.
  • 7. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
    One of the most fundamental aaS solutions, IaaS provides world-class IT infrastructure to any size company, with operations outsourced to third parties. Cloud architecture is behind many platforms, applications, and software.
  • 8. IoTaaS – IoT as a Service
    Nobody likes to spend money on hardware they won't use. IoTaaS enables you to pay for only the resources and devices you need in a given period of time. IoTaaS is ideal for situations in which demand spikes suddenly, requiring you to rapidly set up and tear down resources without incurring expenditures for devices that are only used for a short time.
  • 9. MaaS – (network) Monitoring as a Service
    MaaS is a subscription-based service that provides organizations access to a wide range of monitoring tools and services. These include user activity monitoring, data center infrastructure management (DCIM), security incident and event management (SIEM), and application performance monitoring (APM).
  • 10. NaaS – Network as a Service
    Rented network capability from a third party that owns the infrastructure, usually an ISP. Onboarding and offboarding traffic on demand—most useful for firms with frequently changing needs.
  • 11. OaaS – Operations as a Service
    OaaS is a form of aaS that refers to outsourcing some or all aspects of operations management to an external provider. This can include IT services, staffing and recruitment, customer service, facilities management, event planning, and other support functions.
  • 12. PaaS – Platform as a Service
    Another core cloud computing concept, PaaS, provides a platform where developers can build, deploy, and manage application software in the cloud. PaaS offerings typically include databases, software frameworks, developer tools, and other services that help developers create and host their apps without worrying about managing infrastructure or scale.
  • 13. SaaS – Software as a Service
    Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which software is provided to customers on a subscription basis. Providers and customers like it because it uses recurring monthly billing, avoids annual commitments, and provides flexibility. SaaS solutions are typically delivered over the internet and accessed by users via web browsers or mobile apps.
  • 14. UCaaS – Unified Communications as a Service
    UCaaS is a cloud-based solution that combines voice, video, data, and other communications into a single platform. This allows businesses to streamline their communication systems and reduce the need for multiple devices and applications. UCaaS solutions are typically delivered as a subscription-based service, with customers paying a monthly fee for access to the platform.
  • 15. VaaS – Video as a Service
    Video conferencing on the cloud. As more businesses switch to video conferencing, their IT problems grow too. Companies that go all-in on cloud-based video aaS get higher-resolution images, and fewer dropped calls while the experts are kept on standby to keep things running smoothly.
  • 16. WaaS – Workspace as a Service
    WaaS is a cloud-based solution that provides users access to a virtual desktop environment. This allows businesses to provide their employees with a consistent and secure workspace that can be accessed from any location. WaaS solutions are often delivered as a subscription-based service, with customers paying a monthly fee for access to the platform.
  • 17. XaaS – Anything as a Service
    XaaS (pronounced "zass") is a catch-all term for any cloud-based service. As the name suggests, XaaS providers offer a wide range of services tailored to their customers' specific needs. Some common examples of XaaS services.
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More Frequently asked questions

Here is a list and explanation of many IT Infrastructure questions that we get.
  • 1. What is a national IT project rollout?
    An information technology infrastructure project that includes many different locations across the country.
  • 2. Why do I need IT Infrastructure?
    For devices like PCs and mobile devices to work properly requires being connected to IT the infrastructure. IT infrastructure is the backbone of all the technology utilized by the end-user.
  • 3. Why do I need an IT Infrastructure consultant?
    Our certified IT Infrastructure consultants are responsible for planning, sourcing, and managing your national IT project rollout. From efficiency to best practices, utilizing an IT Infrastructure consultant will provide a good experience and on-time delivery.
  • 4. What is structured cabling?
    Structured cabling is a solution that organizes all the wiring required in IT Infrastructure to support multiple pieces of network hardware, maximizing network performance, minimizing costs, and providing for efficient scalability. Voice/Data/Fiber cabling, Data Center Buildouts, Wireless, DAS, and outside plant are all part of structured cabling IT solutions.
  • 5. What certifications should I look for with a structured cabling company?
    RCDD Installer 1 (INST 1) Technician (TECH) CCNA
  • 6. How often should I clean our data center or data closet?
    Dust is a primary concern for network hardware and can result in device overheating and failure. As it builds up, so do the temperatures of your servers, switches, firewalls, and other systems in the server racks. Matrix-NDI recommends you have us clean your data closet and/or data center at regular intervals. Depending on the layout, this can vary from monthly to annually.

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