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What is National IT Project Management?

Our National IT Project Management department focuses on planning and organizing a project and it's resources. The project managers ensure that your vision and purpose for the project are realized including lifecycle management and continued maintenance recommendations.

Our project managers handle the scheduling of technicians, guiding them where necessary to complete the jobs if issues arise, and delivering packaged documentation to you so that you have record of what was completed at every location.  We can work with your business locations directly to figure out when technician visits work best for them, or schedule our technicians based on a schedule provided by you. Our project management team is here to support you with a customized process that fits your business. 


What Can I Expect From National IT Project Managers?.


With a large project you need clear communication and understanding of what is happening across your valuable business locations. A dedicated project manager is there to answer questions, pivot quickly when changes are required, and provide you with a piece of mind that things are running on schedule. A few core area of our project management team are:

  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication Management
  • Quality Management
  • Procurement Management

Core of National IT Project Management .

  • Scheduling
  • Support
  • Documentation
Downtime is unacceptable. We will schedule our technician visits to impact business function as little as possible. We can work with each of your locations to determine when will work best for them, schedule visits based on a schedule you provide us, or a combination of both. Your business is unique and our job is to work with you to ensure things are moving smoothly without impacting your employees. We have a network of highly skilled low voltage cabling experts across the country to complete your project, no matter how far off the grid.
Businesses with a large amount of locations, in a wide geographical area may have different requirements from site to site. Our project managers are experienced and work closely with the technicians over to the phone to help mitigate any issues or questions that may arise. We create guides for every technician we send to your site so that they have all of the information they need before they set foot in the doors. This reduces both questions, mistakes and the need for a revisit down the road. Our goal is to get the technician in and out as quickly as possible while maintaining a high level of precision.
Any work done on your site needs to be documented, not only to show that it was done, but for future reference to maintain or upgrade. Our project managers require our technicians to fill out forms, take photos, accurately label equipment, and obtain signatures from site supervisors. The documentation is then packaged and sent to you to keep. If you have specific documentation requirements we will incorporate them into our process.

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