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5 Key Reasons to Choose Fiber.


Speed. Fiber Optic offers the fastest connection speeds available today. Regardless of the amount of connection points, applications, or users the download and upload speeds remain steady. 

Reliability. Fiber Optic cabling can promise up to 99.9% network availability. With remote workers logging in from home or travel, this enables a peace of mind that your network can handle the pressure. 

Productivity. Traditional broadband was designed for television and telephone connectivity. The addition of videoconferencing and collaboration tools require much higher bandwidth to sustain high quality connection.

Cost. Many businesses dread the cost of implementing fiber optic cable into their network. However it saves money in the long run when it comes to flexibility, upgrade potential, and reliability. 

Cloud Access. With employees being distributed geographically, applications being from many places, and more options being sold or used "as a service," you need a network that can both handle and manage higher data traffic. 

fiber optic cabling being serviced by IT engineer

Why Matrix-NDI Fiber Optic Cabling?

We aren't a one-trick-pony when it comes to communications. We can handle your fiber optic install, refresh, or addition from the design phase to future maintenance. Our goal is to be the only provider you need to be in contact with for your network needs to save you time, money, and the headache of having multiple contacts. 

We have 7 Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) to help you design a world class fiber optic network. Our national team of field technicians can install, repair, and maintain your network no matter where you are located in the United States.

Whether you have a single location family owned business or a corporation with 600 branches, we can handle your project. We know that every project is unique and needs to be customized for your needs. We can provide Project Managers to work alongside your team to ensure all necessary scheduling and documentation is up to your standards. 

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