Contact Center as a Service (aka CCaaS)

  What is a contact center? Simply put, a contact center is who your customers reach out to when they need to speak with a customer service representative. Whether they have a question about the product or service they purchased from you, a complaint, or positive feedback, they communicate it by reaching out to the contact center.  […]

The Breakdown of Cloud Communication and UCaaS

Communication is a simple concept, right? You have a phone, you dial a number and boom, you’re talking to another person. Or at least that’s all you care to know about it. Sales people call you with many different options, speaking in acronyms that make your brain instantly tune out. What if you were to […]

Cloud-Based Communication Platforms in Healthcare

What does the term “cloud” mean to you? Does it refer to the place where your photos are stored, or perhaps your music library? What about in terms of a healthcare communication network? […]