The Benefit of Working with Matrix-NDI for UCaaS

It’s no secret that the world is moving from premise-based phone systems to hosted voice platforms, or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). While it is possible to go directly to a big brand name and purchase directly from them, you may be missing out on some major perks by working with a provider that can handle all your communication needs at once – including UCaaS.

At Matrix-NDI we are expert providers of RingCentral, Call Tower, Zoom, NEC, and 8x8. This means that we can do the leg work for you on figuring out which solution is best for your needs, your budget, and your future goals. Instead of having to reach out and hear multiple sales pitches, receive countless follow-up emails, and be confused by how the different products will fit into your environment, you will get the facts you need directly from us to make an informed decision.

Where’s the catch? What does that cost? Nothing. It costs you nothing to work with us to receive the same product at the same price (or potentially even less) than you would get by going straight to the brand itself. We are partnered with the best UCaaS providers on the market today, meaning our employees are trained and knowledgeable on the solution design, implementation process, upgrades, and maintenance. Here is a breakdown on reasons working with Matrix-NDI to implement UCaaS will benefit your business.Portrait of businessman talking on mobile phone in office

Save Time on Procurement

You’re busy. The last thing you need added to your plate is taking the time to go to meetings with 5 different UCaaS providers to hear sales pitches. While it is wonderful to hear positive things about different products, the information that is important is how the solution will work for YOU and YOUR team. We have already done the research, selected the best UCaaS solutions on the market, and partnered with them so that we can provide you with the solution you need. We listen to what you want and lay out the options we think will align best with what you are looking for.

Maximized Compatibility

You have a unique business environment with a lot of different components. Your communication platform needs to integrate seamlessly into your current business operations. Since we are a recognized partner to many different UCaaS solutions, our focus is on recommending and providing you the product will suit you the best. We don’t need to sell you on a specific brand even though we know a functionality you are looking for won’t work correctly. We are working for YOU, not just pushing you towards a solution for our benefit.

New Features, Sooner

When you are paying for a service, you deserve to receive correspondence on upgrades, functionality changes, or training opportunities as soon as possible. Our business was built on relationships, and we value communicating with our customers quickly and efficiently. Instead of receiving a cookie cutter auto notification email about “new features” that will get ignored or hit your spam folder, we will reach out to you when something is important and will impact your business. Since we understand our customers business, we know what features will positively impact them. On the flip side, we can prepare our customers for changes that are coming that could have a negative impact.

Faster Implementation

We are fully trained and prepared to implement a UCaaS solution for you with little to no downtime. We can take care of porting your existing phone numbers over to your new system, training your team on utilizing mobile and desktop applications, and help set up physical phones if you need them. We can take care of your entire implementation quickly and seamlessly. We will also be on standby in case of any questions or bumps in the road as you learn to use your new UCaaS platform.

Minimize Complications

Matrix-NDI is a full suite telecommunications company. We offer low voltage cabling, full IT infrastructure solutions, physical security, and voice application solutions on a national scale. This means that we understand and can ensure that your UCaaS solution will work with your network from the IT foundation to the end user’s handheld device. We have experience implementing UCaaS solutions in retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial, government, and education so we can ensure that your industry specific requirements are met (example: HIPAA).

It’s simply easier

With us, you have one person to call. If we are your UCaaS provider we can help you with all questions surrounding your solution and how it operates within your IT network, cybersecurity, and physical security environment.

If you have been considering switching from a premise-based phone system to a hosted voice platform/UCaaS solution, reach out to us at ContactUs@Matrix-NDI.com or call 763-475-5500. We can answer any questions you have about different solutions on the market and how they would work for your business.

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