Cloud-Based Communication

UCaaS vs. VoIP: Differences Explained

UCaaS and VoIP are by far the most popular communication systems in the business world today. However, UCaaS is by far the superior solution.


Matrix-NDI Telecom 10 Podcast 4: UCaaS

In this episode of our Telecom 10 podcast, we’re speaking with Matrix-NDI Account Executive, Jason Cardwell, about how Unified Communications as a...


E-Rate: Why UCaaS Should Be Eligible

There are gaps in what the E-Rate program funding can be used for. UCaaS and advanced voice technology should be eligible for E-Rate funding.


End-to-End Encryption and UCaaS

Here we are going to discuss end-to-end encryption (E2EE), how it differs from point-to-point (P2P) encryption, and what it means regarding UCaaS.


Are UCaaS Solutions Secure?

A common question we hear when customers are considering implementing a UCaaS solution is whether it will be secure. Yes, UCaaS Solutions are secure.


UCaaS and Your IT Infrastructure

UCaaS or hosted voice solutions are all the rage right now in the business world, but you need to consider your IT infrastructure before...