Are UCaaS Solutions Secure?

A common question we hear when customers are considering implementing a UCaaS solution is whether it will be secure. The short answer is yes, UCaaS solutions are a safe and secure option when it comes to communication platforms. However, there are many different products on the market today that will offer varying levels of security. We often discuss the benefits of using UCaaS, including:

    • Easy Management – no longer having to manage multiple communication platforms, UCaaS hosts all your communication needs in one place.

    • Scalability – UCaaS is on-demand, so you can scale your communication needs based on the number of users you have at any given time.

    • Quick Deployment – UCaaS is available through the cloud, on a single platform, meaning it can be deployed in minutes.

    • Hardware Flexibility – You can choose to use your own mobile device, a soft phone/headset, a desk phone, or a combination of all three. It is up to you!

These benefits are clear, but security is important to all businesses and knowing which questions to ask when working with a provider will ensure that you implement the correct solution for your needs.

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Security considerations when implementing UCaaS

Data Encryption

UCaaS solutions offer more than just making or receiving phone calls. They include video conferencing and screen sharing which can put proprietary files and data at risk as it is transported between users. A reputable provider will use high encryption levels so if data is intercepted by a third party, it will be rendered meaningless and jumbled during transmission.

Secure Data Center

As with all cloud solutions, UCaaS offerings are hosted at a data center in an unknown location. The expectation for any UCaaS provider is that they have both physical security and cybersecurity practices in place to prevent breaches from unwanted visitors. A key methodology used at UCaaS data centers is multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is when there are at least three or more security layers in place to confirm the identity of the user attempting to access the data center or platform. It is also important to ask providers if they have backup data centers, backup power supply, and disaster recovery in place to mitigate potential outages.

Fraudulent Activity Tracking

Voice Phishing or VPhishing is more prevalent than ever before due to the increased use of cloud-based communication platforms. However, UCaaS capabilities allow businesses to monitor fraudulent activity through alerts and warnings in real time.

User Access Permissions

UCaaS platforms offer the ability to establish appropriate user access to each person using the system. User access management is a great tool to ensure that your employees only have access to data, features, and settings that they need for their specific job functions. This reduces the risk of propriety information finding its way into the wrong hands.                                              

Regulatory Compliance

There are a ton of different regulations to consider depending on the industry and even geographic location. HIPAA requires that any business sending or receiving patient health information must use encryption. In 2018, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was introduced enhancing the privacy rights of Californians which extends to voice-based conversations. These are just two examples of regulations and certifications that you may need to consider when choosing a UCaaS provider. The great thing about UCaaS is that it can quickly be adapted to be in compliance with new regulations that can (and will) come up.

 VoIP Call Security

Unfortunately, VoIP calls are much easier to intercept than tradition phone calls, however reputable cloud providers will have cybersecurity practices in place to prevent this from happening. Two examples of this are transport layer security (TLS) and secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP) which encrypt data sent over the internet preventing eavesdroppers from hearing or seeing what you are transmitting.

The Bottom Line

As with any tool or platform you implement into your business, security should be a conversation point. However, UCaaS is a very secure and convenient solution for all your communication needs. The key is to ask the correct questions when you are speaking to a provider to ensure that it will fit your needs and protect your valuable data.

At Matrix-NDI we are partnered with and offer the top UCaaS solutions on the market today including RingCentral, 8x8, Call Tower, NEC, and Zoom. We can walk you through the differences in these products and help you select the best fit for you.

If you have any questions about UCaaS, reach out to us at ContactUs@Matrix-NDI.com or call 763-475-5500.

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