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UCaaS vs. VoIP: Differences Explained

UCaaS and VoIP are by far the most popular communication systems in the business world today. They both offer mobility, scalability, and advanced features to organizations, but there are some distinct differences to consider before choosing the best option for your business. Here we are going to highlight the key functions of both solutions and the benefits they can provide.


What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a voice communication solution that allows users to make outbound and receive inbound calls over the internet instead of wired PSTN. It works similarly to sending any data over the internet, by breaking up voice audio into small data packets that travel to the recipient’s device via the internet. Once these data packets reach their destination they are reassembled.

From a hardware perspective VoIP allows users to communicate using a computer or tablet, or corresponding apps for Android or iOS for on-the-go calling. There are softphones or headsets that can be used, and, in some cases, a hard phone (desk phone) can be integrated for a more traditional business telephone experience.

The advanced features associated with VoIP are:

  • Virtual phone numbers
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording and transcription
  • Audio conferencing and conference calls
  • Call routing
  • Call transfer
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Desktop and mobile device access

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What is UCaaS?

UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service starts with voice communication, but it also incorporates video conferencing, text messaging, social media messaging, email, internal collaboration, and customer service features. It also allows real-time omnichannel synchronization, which allows users to switch between devices during a conversation without any interruption. For example, if you answered a business call on your mobile device and decided you would rather be on your laptop, you can do that with a simple click of a button- with zero interruption. If you want to dive deeper into UCaaS check out this blog.

UCaaS offers all the functionality of VoIP, but offers additional features like:

  • Screen sharing
  • Scheduled video meetings
  • In-meeting chat messaging
  • File sharing and co-editing
  • User presence and availability
  • Project and task management
  • Contact center capabilities
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Polling and Q&A


The Similarities between VoIP and UCaaS

Both solutions utilize the internet for communication, but VoIP is limited to voice calling, voicemail, and very limited SMS text messaging (with some solutions). For a small business that only needs voice communication, VoIP may be a good fit. However, if multichannel communications are needed, UCaaS is hands down the way to go.

  • UCaaS and VoIP both:
  • Require very little hardware
  • Require a strong internet connection
  • Are cloud-based
  • Offer quick installation and setup
  • Provide scalability
  • Are cost effecting
  • Include business phone numbers
  • Offer third party integrations
  • Are subscription-based (you pay month to month etc.)

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The Benefits of UCaaS vs VoIP

There is simply no question that UCaaS is the superior choice. There are so many more functions and possible integrations available for users than with VoIP, and it is only going to improve moving forward.

UCaaS offers a cost-effective communication platform that is both safe and secure, and accepted by every industry – including financial and healthcare. It is extremely user friendly, quick to implement, and scalable during organizational growth. It is also cost effective due to the nature of bundling all communication features into one and billing monthly or annually.

Aside from the simplicity and cost effectiveness for businesses, it increased team collaboration and productivity. Employees can stay connected seamlessly, no matter where they are working in the world. Whether a video chat, co-editing a document, or quick messaging is needed – UCaaS can do it.

We are extremely passionate about UCaaS here at Matrix-NDI and we offer all the top solutions on the market today. Why work with us instead of the provider directly? We have experts that will continue to work with you and understand your IT infrastructure so you KNOW the solution will be integrated seamlessly the first time.

If you have any questions about UCaaS or how to move forward with your unique IT environment, reach out to us for a free consultation at


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