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7 Ways to prevent a ransomware attack - Part 1

Ransomware at its core is a data hostage situation

For Enterprise IT, a hacker will spend more time locking your data that presents larger ramifications for more people. This allows them to ask for a extremely large sum of money. They will only unlock or return your data when you pay them in bitcoin or other less traceable means. An example is the Colonial pipeline cyberterrorism event. How do we fix major cybersecurity problems like Colonial? Here are the first 3 of 7 ways we can help your Enterprise IT department prevent a ransomware attack.  Once these first 3 ways are completed, the remaining 4 ways to protect yourself from ransomware are part of your enterprise IT plan.

IT Network Assessments

Often forgotten, its best to start 100,000ft up and have a certified network engineer verify every aspect from endpoints to physical IT infrastructure that truly allows your company to function. Only with a true network map and network audit of your company network can you fully succeed with IT Planning and Strategy.

Cybersecurity Staff Training

A difficult variable with every company is human error and their awareness. Security awareness training is key to stopping ransomware in its tracks. You want employees to be more apt to see and avoid malicious emails. Security awareness training teaches your staff what to look for in an email before they click on a link or download an attachment.

Enterprise IT Planning & Network Design

After you have the layout of your IT Infrastructure and your team watching for phishing attempts, its time to have a professional IT firm help create an IT Plan that includes everything from disaster recovery to BONUS TIP: In your IT PLAN, make sure a recovery study is scheduled immediately. In the event a company recovers from a ransomware attack, a common mistake is to not scan for malicious files, infected PCs, servers, and network equipment for any residue that may existed before and will repeat the same hack at a certain cadence.

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