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Why a Heat Map is Important For a Wireless Site Survey

A WiFi heat map is a method of testing the strength of your wireless internet throughout the workplace. They are completed during a site survey and can give you great insight into why certain areas of your office may have weak spots or dead zones in connectivity. There are many factors at play when it comes to weak signal in a building including thick walls, interference, lack of wireless access points (APs), and large pieces of equipment or furniture.

As businesses begin bringing employees back into the office post COVID, there is a renewed focus on wireless internet. Many businesses have adopted a hybrid work model where employees sit in shared workspaces or no longer have a dedicated office. This movement has illuminated weaknesses in WiFi connectivity because the office had previously been set up for peak connectivity in certain areas where permanent offices were placed. Now it is important to have adequate connectivity throughout all areas of the workplace as employees are much more likely to move around the building with their devices.

What is a Wireless Heat Map?


A heat map is a visual representation of the signal strength of your wireless network. They are completed during a site survey by a technician who will walk around your entire facility to create a map showing areas of strong signal as well as areas of weak or no signal. The result will be a blueprint of your facility with areas of red (very strong signal), blue (very weak signal), and transition areas of orange, yellow, and green. A heat map will also display signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) which is the signal strength in comparison to interference from wireless cameras, microwave ovens, and other devices. This “noise” or interference will create dead zones in your facility but can be mitigated with proper AP placement or additional boosters.

What do we do with a Wireless Heat Map?

Every facility has different needs when it comes to wireless connectivity. Some businesses require a very strong signal throughout their entire space, while others are fine having weak spots in less utilized areas (like storage spaces or hallways). Once we have a wireless heat map of your space, we will sit down with you and figure out what your requirements are. We will create a map of recommended AP placement or boosters for you and then have our certified technicians install your new wireless access points.

Having a map of your AP placement and associated cabling is very helpful for future upgrades or expansions. Knowing your network is the key to cost savings and an efficient workplace for your employees. At Matrix-NDI we can take care of your wireless site survey, low voltage cabling, and network installation. If it connects to data, we can do it.

If you have any questions about heat maps, or wireless site surveys reach out to us at ContactUs@Matrix-NDI.com or call 763-475-5500.

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