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Temperature Scanner Kiosk with Facial Recognition

As we are all aware, COVID-19 has changed the way businesses are operating within every industry. As time passes we are seeing the possibility of certain businesses resuming operations with the stipulation that regulations and processes are in place to keep employees and patrons safe. As we navigate safe ways to reopen offices, retail stores, schools and other types of businesses we are discovering new technologies and partners to work with. One of the ways we can mitigate risk of infection is to monitor temperature of those entering our facilities.Floor Model 2

We are pleased to now be partnered with Goodview, the manufacturer of thermal scanners that can be used by every type of business. These temperature scanners operate without being touched and have the ability to save the data for future reference. Click the button below to see the Goodview Temperature Scanner Kiosk with Facial Recognition.

View Thermal Scanner Brochure

Thermal scanners have been used in places like airports and senior living facilities for a few months now, but needed to be handled and manually used by a person to take temperatures. The new Temperature Scanner Kiosk with Facial Recognition can be set up at the entrance of retail stores, schools, and office buildings to take temperatures upon entrance. If a person is running a higher temperature they will receive a red light and be unable to proceed with shopping, or visiting a facility.

This technology can help keep everyone safe and healthy, and help businesses abide by new operating processes mandated by the state governments as we navigate a world threatened by COVID-19. 

Please reach out to us to discuss this new product. We are very excited to help you get your business back up and running - safely.

763.475.5500 | ContactUs@matrix-ndi.com

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