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Emergency Services Information - Dialing 911 with a Corporate Softphone

Important Emergency Information Regarding IP Telephones and Softphones

With the rush to get employees working from home, it’s important to ensure emergency services arrive at the correct location if 911 is dialed. Using a corporate softphone or IP telephone may cause emergency services to track your location incorrectly. It’s best if you or your employees use a cellphone or home phone to call emergency services. If it is not possible for a home phone or personal cell phone to be used to contact emergency services you will need to update your corporate softphone or IP telephone settings to reflect correct location information.Emergency Room Entrance


If you’d like to verify what call back number and address will be given to emergency services, dial 933 from your phone and you will hear the telephone number and address being sent from the phone.  We’re here to assist you in updating this where necessary.  When employees move back to the office, this information will need to be updated again.


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