What is Cryptolocker? It is a type of Malware.

CryptoLocker is a type of malware that is damaging for individuals to enterprise IT.

Once the cryptolocker code executes, it encrypts files and file folders on desktops and servers. It then essentially holds the data for “ransom” by prompting a user with a popup once they try to open a file. The scary looking popup will tell them to pay a fee, generally in Bitcoin, to decrypt them. Because it’s a digital hostage situation - CryptoLocker and its brothers have come to be known as “ransomware.”

Malware like CryptoLocker can enter an (un)protected network through many possibilities, including email, file sharing sites, and downloads. New variants have successfully eluded anti-virus and firewall technologies, and it’s reasonable to expect that more will continue to emerge that are able to bypass preventative measures.

Ransomware on average costs $1.85 Million per company and continues to double each year.

The rise of ransomware means the total cost of damages related to attacks using cryptographic file-locking software will continue to increase as long as companies are paying the ransom. Hackerpocalypse: A Cybercrime Revelation, suggests that individuals and organizations who feel they have no choice but to pay a fee to unlock their files have lead to the increasing rise of ransomware. If its working, it will continue just like anything else.  The article notes how even the law itself isn’t exempt from becoming a victim as even police departments have had to pay a ransom to unlock the encrypted files.

In the end, good backup and a disaster recovery plan and return to operations is the most effective defense.  Let's get started on making sure your disaster recovery plan and DRaaS solution are in line with your business needs.


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