Temporary Technology Solutions Create Permanent Problems

In many aspects of our lives we make decisions every day. Many decisions usually have positive and negative consequences - like buying a new car. When you are deciding to buy a new car, you consider the positives: a new car that won’t break down and has a safety rating that will make you feel safer transporting your children. You also consider the negatives: the added financial burden or parting with your trusty old college car (who has an endearing name).

Now imagine you and your partner are discussing the installation of a backyard play set for your child. Your child saw the awesome play set with monkey bars and a slide next door and has been asking for months to have one as well. You finally settle on installing a play set but lay down guidelines for the child stating that they are not to use it unless they have an adult watching, and they are not allowed to climb on top of the monkey bars. A few months down the road the child forgets the rules and decides to play on the monkey bars without supervision. With their new freedom they decide to climb on top of the monkey bars, slip and fall hurting their ankle.

Your child comes in the house in pain, so you decide to give them an over the counter pain killer. This pain killer is a temporary fix for the pain and swelling while you bring them to the hospital to have their ankle looked at by a doctor. Without a doctor, their broken ankle would be permanently damaged and may never heal properly

Okay, so how does this pertain to technology?

The point here is that you would never continue to hand your child a pain killer for a broken ankle, because it would only temporarily fix the pain, not the broken bone. When we find temporary solutions to problems, we often ignore the root of the problem which can lead to a domino effect of permanent problems down the road.

“Temporary solutions often become permanent problems.” – Craig Bruce

COVID-19 has changed the way we function in the business world.Happy relaxed young woman sitting in her kitchen with a laptop in front of her stretching her arms above her head and looking out of the window with a smile-1

Many of our customers have had to scramble to find ways to enable their employees to work from home. Some are opting to view these solutions as short term solutions assuming everything will return to normal quickly. They purchase a free trial (as many providers are offering during this difficult time) thinking they will not need them in the future. This is a temporary band-aid fix to allow us to continue working. While this pandemic will not last forever, the changes to how business is done will be long term. Employees will have more skills and remote capability that will enable them to be fully functioning wherever they are in the world. Data centers will need to be altered, internet bandwidth will need to be higher, and cyber security measures will absolutely need to be increased.

While we have all been forced to evolve into remote workplaces for the short term, we should consider how this will benefit us in the long run. Instead of thinking of these changes as temporary and running with a quick implementation, we should check all our boxes and make sure our businesses are fully protected moving forward. It is very important to work with your providers who can help you ensure that remote capability is fully functioning, cyber safe, and sustainable. Remote-enabled workplaces are showing to be more efficient, less costly from a physical space standpoint, and allow employees to balance their personal lives where needed. Let's take advantage of our new found work from home capability and create long term success. 

Matrix-NDI is here as a sounding board for you, we can analyze and audit your systems to help you decide what your best options are and help you keep your data safe. We are partnered with some of the best solutions providers on the market and we are up to the challenge of helping you create long term solutions, not short term fixes.

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