Visitor Management

Monitoring the visitors who enter your space is a safe security practice whether you are having an event at your business, hosting a meeting with customers, or simply having someone stop by for lunch. Knowing who and when someone is entering your space helps keep your employees safe, and protects your business assets. 

It is a common practice to require any visitors to be accompanied by an employee, but during high traffic times it can be difficult to control who is entering your business. We offer visitor management and monitoring solutions that can help you ensure that no one enters undetected. This includes the interior of your business as well as your parking facilities to ensure that everyone feels safe coming to work. 

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Visitor Management Systems

Our visitor management systems can unify your door & access control tools, video surveillance cameras, and motion sensors. They allow your security or reception personnel to monitor all activity taking place in and around your business from one central hub. These platforms are customizable for your needs and can be integrated with most third party hardware. You can even access these platforms remotely when you are away from your business, ensuring a peace of mind. We offer multiple top-of-line solutions so that you receive the best fit for your business and your budget.

  • Genetec
  • LenelS2
  • Mercury Security
  • Altronix
  • HID
  • Bosch

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a powerful tool when it comes to allowing and monitoring access to your building. It can be used to grant building access to your employees, welcome scheduled visitors to your space, and notify you when specific people enter your building.

Whether you want to use it as a tool for a unique personalized welcome or for more robust physical security, facial recognition is a great and highly customizable solution. We offer a wide range of software and biometric analyzing hardware for you to explore. 

Facial recognition biometric technology and artificial intelligence concept.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Parking facilities are often overlooked when it comes to physical security. Due to the large volume of space and relatively low level of activity, parking ramps have a higher probability of crime. This puts your employees and visitors at risk as they enter or leave your business. We offer automatic license plate recognition that not only tracks and records license plate numbers, but also collects data on travel speed, vehicle type, color and more. 

This solution is proven to perform under any condition, day or night, rain or shine. How much information you collect and how you use it is up to you. Automatic license plate recognition can be seamlessly integrated into our visitor management solution.


Parking lots, garages, and ramps are the third most common site for violent crimes?

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