Video Surveillance

Video surveillance or CCTV systems are commonly used across every industry and in public spaces. Cameras provide the ability to look back and understand what happened in a theft, emergency situation, or a simple dispute. The presence of a visible camera system alone can deter unauthorized access or theft from businesses. However, outdated or legacy surveillance systems could be exposing you to cybersecurity threats and have high maintenance costs. 

If you have noticed that your cameras are unreliable and go offline, provide inadequate imaging, or cannot integrate with a video management system, it may be time for an upgrade.

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Video Management Systems

Having cameras installed to monitor your business is important, but you also need to be able to access the footage. You should have access to recorded or live footage from your security cameras at the touch of a button. The days of paying a fee to a 3rd party for your security footage are long gone, your security should be in your hands. 

Our video management systems (VMS) are scalable, flexible, and can integrate with other 3rd party devices. With a central, user friendly interface you can access, arm and disable any camera within your facility. When you have a clear understanding of what is going on, you can make informed decisions quickly. 


Cameras and Sensors

There are a lot of different brands and types of security cameras on the market today. We can help you select the best combination for your unique needs. Every camera or sensor we offer integrates with a video management system for easy control.

  • Fisheye Cameras for 360 degree coverage
  • Wide Area Coverage Cameras for large areas
  • Video Intercom Cameras
  • Explosion-Protected Cameras for hazardous locations 
  • Rugged Cameras built for extreme conditions
  • Corner Cameras
  • Multi-Sensor Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras for use in complete darkness
  • License Plate Capture Cameras
  • Body-worn Cameras
  • Vape Detection

We have a camera solution for every use, in almost any environment. 

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Why Upgrade?

Old video surveillance or CCTV systems can be very expensive to maintain. Older cameras are sensitive to moisture, humidity, temperature and lighting. Technology has evolved greatly enabling more robust and reliable devices that also provide clearer imaging. Your security footage is only helpful if it shows a clear picture of an incident. 

Cybersecurity threats are increasing in complexity as our technology advances. Older camera systems are at a much higher risk for hacking and unauthorized disabling than newer encrypted systems. Modern cameras and video management systems have safeguards in place to ensure that only authorized individuals can operate and access the cameras. 

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A Bloomberg Business study on the effects of surveillance showed a 22% drop in theft where cameras were in place and operational across 392 restaurants.

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