What is an
IT Infrastructure?

IT Solutions and Services from Matrix NDI in Plymouth, MN

What is an IT Infrastructure?

An IT infrastructure consists of the software, transport media, hardware, network resources, and services necessary for the operation, management, and existence of an enterprise IT environment. The infrastructure enables an organization to deliver IT services and solutions to its employees, customers, and partners.

IT Solutions and Services from Matrix NDI in Plymouth, MN

More specifically:

An IT infrastructure is comprised of

  • The cabling infrastructure, usually copper or fiber optic media, that make up the physical pathways used to transport enterprise generated data traffic
  • The Wired Local Area Network (LAN) – Core, aggregation, and Edge/Access layer Ethernet LAN switches
  • The Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) – Access Points (APs)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity – IP routers, media gateways, integrated access devices
  • Security enforcement appliances & software – firewalls, intrusion detection/protection sensors
  • Device and traffic management software
  • Backup power sources/Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems

Like any solid foundation, a stable and reliable IT infrastructure allows the businesses to move and share data in an efficient way, which in turn supports a productive workplace process.


Wired LAN

Your IT infrastructure is responsible for moving the data that sustains your business. Application delays frustrate your employees or worse, keep them from adequately doing their job. Matrix-NDI can ensure your network and bandwidth are being used effectively and efficiently.

Let us design, build and manage a fast, flexible and secure network. Enable devices and users to securely configure themselves and manage it all from a single interface.

Extend services anywhere, seamlessly, isolate traffic end-to-end, contain breaches and prevent lateral movements, provide network path invisibility to IP hackers, eliminate network loops, eliminate backdoor entry points

The modern enterprise demands agility, scalable and resilient connectivity, and inherent network security – but without the complexity of traditional networking.  Fabric Connect (based on enhanced Shortest Path Bridging/ IEEE 802.1 aq) represents a new way to design, build and operate networks. One that delivers simplicity and agility while at the same time improving security and stability.

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Make pervasive mobility possible. Recognize users, customize experiences and build better relationships during the first interaction with your network.

Whether it’s a WLAN-only refresh or new build, Matrix-NDI has the expertise and experience not only for the wireless elements of a unified access network, but also for a “wireless-first” environment, where the WLAN is the primary or predominant first connection to the enterprise network

All vendors serving the WLAN market can provide the needed functionality to serve basic connectivity needs, yet capabilities can vary significantly for network application services such as policy enforcement, network management, and location services.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has begun to play a bigger role in wireless LAN (WLAN) deployment decisions, including related security implications. The diversity of IoT devices has made authentication and device identity management methods more challenging.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology can further complement the use of analytics for root cause analysis and problem remediation, especially for wireless.

Recommendations for Choosing an IT Partner

Infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for planning, sourcing and managing wired and wireless access networks and related services should:

  • Shortlist vendor proposals by identifying how each vendor’s network service applications match with the level of services required for both new and legacy access network infrastructure.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) proliferation is here. Assess security capabilities for expanding IoT use cases, such as secure tunneling and automatic detection and segmentation functionality. This will help separate IoT solutions from the rest of the enterprise network since IoT endpoints are prone to weak or nonexistent authentication.
  • Implement best practices for strong implementation of WLANs. While the use of analytics leveraging AI/ML can simplify troubleshooting and deliver better network assurance, poorly designed and implemented WLANs will continue to result in a poor user experience.

Security Enforcement

Distributed enterprise IT infrastructure relies on cloud services, high-speed WANs, wired, wireless and mobile telecommunications to link headquarters with branch/campus sites, POS systems and mobile endpoints. Our IT security solutions comprehensively protect this distributed environment from advanced threats, enable regulatory compliance, and are easily and affordably deployed and managed from a single pane of glass.

Security Risk Meters are designed to help you facilitate actions based on logical scoring to guide your planning, and make robust policy and budgeting decisions. Automatically reveal threat data and risk scores based on live data. Reveal gaps in defensive layers. Make real-time decisions. Take decisive action based on real-world conditions.

Cloud applications, including cloud-based email, are vital to organizations’ production, sales and communications, and are increasingly the target of attacks. To thwart never-before-seen malware variants, targeted phishing attacks, account takeover due to compromised credentials and data loss, New Cloud App Security solutions provide real-time protection for business-critical SaaS apps.

Increase response time, visibility and insight into advanced threats, track threat origins and intended destination, kill and quarantine as necessary and roll back endpoints to a last-known healthy state in the event of an infection. New Capture Client Device Control reduces your attack surface by locking out unknown or suspicious devices, like USB sticks.

Management Software

The enterprise IT infrastructure has become one of the most difficult environments to manage effectively. You need to rapidly onboard BYOD users and Internet connected devices, quickly deploy the new digital technology that your organization requires, prevent cyber-attacks at every entry point, and do it all while delivering a consistent user experience. Our Automated Campus solution makes it all possible with simplicity, security, and intelligence. High levels of virtualization and cloud environments combined with enormous traffic, limit visibility in the modern data center. In addition, most data centers face challenges adapting to rapid business changes and virtual environments.

Let Matrix-NDI provide a pragmatic path to automation based on multi-vendor architectures. We offer real solutions that give you the granular visibility and real-time analytics you need to make data-based business decisions.

IT Solutions and Services from Matrix NDI in Plymouth, MN

“A sincere thanks to Matrix-NDI and John for your help these past two years.  Our ENTIRE office is working from home because of your assistance in modernizing our phone and computer platforms.  Two years ago this would not have been remotely possible.

This is truly incredible and I want you to know just how much we appreciate what you have done.  You are the reason we are able to keep our staff safe, continuing patient care, and keeping us connected.   THANK YOU.

Thank you for your help at this difficult time!"

- Anita, Specialists in General Surgery

Specialists in General Surgery - MATRIX-NDI

“Kraus-Anderson and Matrix Communications have been working together for well over 10 years. We started out purchasing an NEC phone system and quickly learned the breadth of their capabilities and the quality of their staff. Matrix now guides us through network design, new office buildouts, carrier selection, system upgrades, and emerging technology evaluations.

We have always been impressed with the Matrix team’s dedication to our success. Our primary job is to build and manage exceptional buildings, however in essence Kraus-Anderson is in the communication, information, and risk management business. We need nearly 100% systems uptime to ensure constant information flow among our project teams, owners, subcontractors, and tenants. Clearly, Matrix appreciates the challenges we face from compressed timelines, tight budgets, and the need for flawless execution. The professionals at Matrix consistently deliver with expertise, enthusiasm, and integrity.”

Kraus-Anderson - Matrix NDI

“Matrix Communications, Inc. has been a partner with Richfield Schools for several years supporting our voice messaging platform Recently Richfield Schools went out to competitive bid for a new IP Telephony platform, data switching network and wireless network. We selected Matrix for all three of these strategic platforms. Matrix demonstrated a history of successful integration of the setechnologies and employs a tenured project team. Even though there was a very aggressive timeline for deployment, the Matrix Team exceeded our expectations and delivered on all of their commitments. We look forward to many more years of partnership with Matrix.”

Richfield Public Schools - Matrix NDI

“Matrix Communications has provided solutions and services for our organization since 1999. From front-line engineering and account management to behind-the-scenes technical expertise and support; we appreciate and have a high regard for the entire Matrix account team.Matrix has an in-depth knowledge of our environment, and understanding of how we do business; which only heightens the level of service they provide. We appreciate how Matrix prioritizes all customers’ needs, customizes programs for us and always stands behind their promise to deliver.”

St. Paul Public Housing Agency - Matrix NDI

“Customer since 2012 Matrix Communications, Inc. has been a strategic partner of ISD #197 the past several years. We turn to Matrix to design, deploy and support our voice, wired and wireless networks. We were looking for one partner who could deliver on all of our IP Telephony, data networking and wireless needs. Matrix brings a long-term history of integrating, supporting and designing these technologies. Their tenured sales and operations team exceeded our expectations and delivered on aggressive timeframes. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Matrix for years to come.

West St. Paul, Mendota Heights, Eagan Area Schools - Matrix NDI

“Customer since 1991 Northland Group has enjoyed a true partnership with Matrix Communication for over 20 years. Matrix has helped our company by keeping us informed and up-do-date in our telecommunications and networking in an ever changing environment. The Matrix team has helped us over the years with planning, negotiating service, implementation, education, upgrading network problem solving and truly helping us grow our call center business. Matrix Communications has remained consistent on their fast, responsive and friendly service. Than you Matrix, for always staying on top.”

Northland Group - Matrix NDI

“Matrix has been a key partner of The Lutheran Home Association (TLHA) since 2008.The Matrix Team considers the needs of our residents and our organization every step of the way. They have played major roles in planning, deployment and management of our voice and data networks. Recently we worked with Matrix to convert all of our sites to Hosted Voice. Matrix was also instrumental in helping us recover quickly when our data center was struck by lightning. The whole team has been great to work with and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

The Lutheran Homes Association - Matrix NDI