Top 5 Things That Have Changed as a Technology Company in Minnesota

As a technology company in Minnesota, we have seen some huge changes in the technological landscape over the past few years. Our customer’s needs have evolved faster than ever before, resulting in exciting new technology product and solution offerings. We are all aware that businesses have shifted to remote or hybrid work, but that is only grazing the surface of the changes we are seeing and implementing.

Our main goal is to provide the best solutions to our customers across the United States, and to do that we need to stay on top of the latest movements in technology. In today’s world “keeping up” doesn’t cut it, if you aren’t ahead of the technological advances, you are falling behind. With that being said, let’s dive into some of the ways business use of technology has changed over the past few years.Student girl with trainer working on computer and tablet

Communication and Sharing Information

The workforce has changed dramatically in terms of how jobs are performed. Instead of hiring employees to complete specific tasks and “stay in their lane,” companies are hiring people who are flexible and willing to be a part of a team. Collaboration is the key in this new model of operation. To collaborate and work together in a work environment without physically sitting around a table, technology is required. We all use collaboration tools every single day (google drive, email, video conferencing, the list goes on and on).

At a certain point, collaboration tools can become a hinderance. Too many applications result in confusion, frustration, and resistance. A few years ago, new tools were welcomed and exciting. Now our customers are fed up with having a ton of different apps to use. When you have separate platforms for email, phone, video conferencing, instant messaging, and document sharing it becomes a bit overwhelming. So how did we pivot to handle this new need?

We hand selected collaboration and communication platforms that will check all our customers boxes in one fell swoop (hello, UCaaS!). Different solutions, flexible prices, for our unique customers.

The Cloud

The concept of “the cloud” was originally launched in the mid 90’s, and became mainstream in the mid 2000’s. However, it was not widely used by businesses until the last ten years because it was viewed as unsecure. To this day, many companies prefer to house their data on premise and on their own servers (we could talk about how that carries high risk, but we will save that for a later time).

Now cloud computing is used for everything: data storage, communication, video surveillance, door and access control (again, the list goes on.) As a full suite data infrastructure company, Matrix-NDI helps businesses of all sizes and verticals utilize the cloud. This begins with low voltage cabling, internet speeds and bandwidth, and cybersecurity. To utilize all the fun new cloud-based tools on the market, you need to have the proper foundation for them to operate at full potential.

Physical Security

Physical security such as video surveillance cameras, door and access control devices, and visitor management has come a long way in a short time. Surveillance footage used to be stored on a hard drive, and in many cases required payment to be accessed in the event of a crime. Now video surveillance footage and live viewing is available on a mobile device with the click of a button (it is even available residentially – Ring Doorbells, Blink Cameras). Visitor access can be monitored using facial recognition, and doors can be unlocked with a mobile device. Cloud based physical security platforms have changed the way our customers protect their businesses and their employees.

At Matrix-NDI we are partnered with the best of breed physical security manufacturers so that we can create unique, customized solutions for our customers. We can provide cameras and access control systems for any environment, so you don’t miss a thing – even when you are on the road.

Cost Reduction and Increased Functionality

There are more and more options for technology solutions arriving on the market every day. This makes it more difficult for businesses to make informed decisions and can create paralysis by analysis. It also allows businesses to be more selective when it comes to functionality and price. If one brand of a solution doesn’t have exactly what they need, there are others that may be cheaper or willing to negotiate.

To retain our current customers and attract new ones we have made huge shifts into which products we will recommend. There are no one-size fits all technology solutions, and at Matrix-NDI we ensure that we do our research to create solutions that will have all the functionality that you have in mind - at a price point that will work with your budget. We can customize all our solutions, alter implementation timelines, and help you plan and budget so that you are able to get what you need, in a manner that supports your business.

Purchasing a technology “off of the shelf” may seem like the easier and cheaper method, but a solution that was designed for your business can cost you less and save you money in the long run.

IT Infrastructure and Network Engineering

If you have read any of our previous blogs, you are familiar with our saying “IT Infrastructure is the backbone of your business.” This is true when it comes to any technology solution you are considering. If your low voltage cabling (the highway your data runs on), internet speeds or bandwidth, and/or data storage are outdated, any new solution we have mentioned here will fail to meet your expectations.

Therefore, we always start our conversations with customers by discussing IT infrastructure. While we could agree to implement a shiny new UCaaS solution or physical security system without analyzing your environment, we don’t because our job is to make sure that you are happy and that your business is going to operate efficiently. If you ever have a conversation with a provider that says a product will work in your environment without having any knowledge on it, they are not a reputable and you may end up disappointed with your implementation.

We are always available to help any business with project planning, budget planning, or basic questions surrounding what they should be focusing their IT initiatives on. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this blog, reach out to us at or call 763-475-5500.

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