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How Certified Structured IT Cabling Technicians Can Benefit You

Structured IT Cabling Technicians are professionals in the low voltage cabling space. They are who you will see installing the cable that enables the use of your communication tools and data. Everything from your security cameras and door access, to your voice applications is connected using low voltage cabling. Having a reliable and expertly installed structured IT cabling network is invaluable when it comes to peak business efficiency.

Just like any profession, low voltage cabling technicians can be certified in several different ways. There are manufacturer certifications, Union certifications and design certifications. Here we are going to discuss what some of these certifications mean, how they can affect your projects, and how to select a provider that fits your needs.

Manufacture CertificationsGirl holding cable in front of rack mounted servers in data storage facility

Manufacture certifications vary from brand to brand. A couple of examples of manufacturers are Belden, Leviton, and Panduit. Each of these manufacturers have different requirements to be considered a certified provider. Most commonly, they require their partners to have a certain amount or percentage of cable installers to be certified in the installation of their product.

There are a few benefits to having low voltage cabling technicians who are manufacturer certified installing your cabling network. It ensures that the technicians have been trained on installing that product and can follow manufacturer standards. It also means your cabling and hardware will retain manufacture warranty. Well known and reputable manufacturers offer warranty for a certain amount of time on their cables and hardware. Meaning if there is an issue with the physical hardware, you will receive replacements free of charge. If the provider you have install these products is not certified by the manufacturer, that warranty may not be valid.

Union Certifications

At Matrix-NDI, our low voltage technicians are all members of the union. There are a multitude of certifications that a low voltage technician can get through the union. A couple examples are:

  • Data Cabling Installer
  • Fiber Optics Installer
  • Audio Systems
  • Video Security Systems
  • Electronic Security Networking

That list by no means covers all the certifications a low voltage technician could obtain; it is simply a list of examples. Certifications are often seen as a sign of continued education or expertise in low voltage cabling technicians. However, experience in the field is also very important. When selecting a provider to complete your Structured IT cabling project, technician certification and tenure is a topic that should be brought up.

Design Certifications

A technician, project manager, or sales representative with a RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) certification is a great addition to complex or large projects. This certification has been around since 1984 and encompasses the design, integration, and implementation of communications technology. In general, this certification is obtained by those who plan and design your solution, not the technician or cable installer. If you have a complex project or a project involving multiple locations, asking the provider if they have RCDD certified individuals on staff is a great way to vet their capabilities. This certification requires a certain amount of time working in the industry as well as a rigorous exam to prove expertise in communication design.

At the end of the day, each low voltage cabling project is unique. We find that a combination of education, certification and tenure provides the highest level of low voltage expertise. Hiring a provider with experienced technicians saves you money in the future because the projects are often done more efficiently, with less error, and with manufacture warranty intact.

If you have any questions about our low voltage field technicians or the certifications they hold, reach out to us at or call 763-475-5500.

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