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H4-Bullet Camera Installed

Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance is a great way to secure your business. It offers a record of unauthorized entrance to your facility, criminal activity, and insight into movement throughout your business. It can also aid in emergency situations where an employee or visitor is in need of assistance while in a space alone. Our modern video surveillance solutions protect your business from physical security threats while also being secure from cybersecurity threats and hacking.

Reach out to us to discuss your current video surveillance system to see how we can help you improve your security. 


Door & Access Control

Door and access control is your first line of defense for keeping unauthorized visitors from gaining access to your building. We offer a wide range of solutions including key code pads, key fabs and access cards, mobile device access, and motion sensors. 

Our solutions can be deployed on both external or internal doors, and can be mix and matched to suit your needs. Door and access control solutions both keep your business safe, and create easy and efficient access for authorized employees. 

Couple at the reception of a hotel checking in

Visitor Managment

Visitor management systems are a great way to monitor who enters your business while also creating a positive, welcoming experience. Our video surveillance and door & access control solutions integrate seamlessly into our visitor management platforms to create a user friendly experience for your team. 

Our facial recognition tools offer a unique, personalized welcome for your guests while our license plate recognition solutions create a safe external environment for guests and employees. 

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