Our Partners

We understand building the right solution for our customers starts with having the right partners. Matrix-NDI has developed partnerships with the industry’s most recognizable communication system providers.

Matrix-NDI is looking for new partners to join our network of low voltage contractors and smart hands.

Matrix-NDI is a telecommunications and IT services company based in Minneapolis, MN. We perform work across the entire country and into Canada, for a variety of customers in just about every industry; and our business is growing. Our growth has provided us with an opportunity to build upon our network with additional partners who are capable of supporting our customers at the level they have become accustomed to. 

Matrix-NDI has long specialized in:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Design Engineering
  • National Deployments
  • Security & Access Control
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Voice Applications
  • Facial Recognition
  • Carrier Services


If you are interested in an opportunity to join our partner network,

please send an email to contactus@matrix-ndi.com