Door & Access Control

Safety and security is the number one priority for every business. Protecting your employees, visitors, and business assets begins at the entrances of your building. Matrix-NDI offers top of the line, trusted door and access control solutions. We can help you confidently manage your facilities with a mobile, cloud-ready platform. Aging physical security systems can be costly to maintain, and put you at risk for unauthorized movement throughout your facilities. 

All of our Door and Access Control solutions compliment and work seamlessly with our Visitor Management and Video Surveillance solutions. 

HID Readers
Access Control Enclosure

Access Control Management Systems

Modern businesses require a modern approach to access control. Our open systems offer the ability to seamlessly integrate your existing 3rd party access and video devices so that you have insight into your secured locations 24/7. We can mix and match products and devices to provide you with the best protection, at the best price. We have hand selected the following access control partners to offer a wide range of customizable solutions. 

  • Genetec
  • LenelS2
  • Mercury Security
  • Altronix
  • HID
  • Bosch

Intrusion Detection

Motion sensing devices are a great addition to any access control system. They often provide the first alert of activity in your space, but there is a delicate balance between detecting security breaches and false triggers. The sensors we provide virtually eliminate false triggers that can come from moving objects, pets, or strong drafts. False triggers can be costly to you and waste local resources if they result in further inspection by authorities. That's why we ensure that the products we offer can be customized to only detect what you want them to detect. 

Our favorite sensors are easy to install, more reliable, and can integrate with your security or access control system. 

HID Readers 2-2

Electronic Locks

There are a lot of different types of door locks on the market today. We can implement locks that are operated by your mobile device, control center, an access code, a key fab or key card, or biometric data. Any type of door lock that you choose to implement into your facility will have a physical key as a fail safe in case of network or power interruption. We have door access solutions that will work for any environment

  • Wireless Electronic 
  • Network Hardwired
  • Smart Interconnected
  • WiFi Enabled
  • PoE Electronic Locks
  • Unifying IP Locks  

50% of burglaries occur through unlocked doors.

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