Distribution Centers

We design, implement, and support large-scale IT infrastructure solutions with a vision toward multi-level, high-capacity facilities. Our custom, national solutions aim to maximize every square foot enabling you to meet the ever-changing market needs. We deliver these solutions with in-house technical design experts, dedicated project managers, and certified technical installers. Our national IT deployments include structured cabling solutions, wired and wireless networks, business phone systems, video surveillance, and cloud applications. 

We will ensure that your IT infrastructure is built to evolve, scalable, and versatile. We will work with your team, the way you want to work and ensure safety, efficiency, and urgency every time. 


Large Scale IT Infrastructure

Our customers rely on us to handle their large-scale IT infrastructure because we can deliver highly secure, adaptable, and intelligent solutions quickly with little to no downtime. Your main focus is and should be your product time-to-market and day-to-day operations.

Project deployment speed is a critical factor when it comes to a distribution center which is why we work with your team to create an implementation schedule around your peak operational hours. Our goal is to get your project done efficiently with the highest level of quality, while making as little impact on your employees as possible.  

We know that our ability to execute a national IT deployment with speed is the critical factor that unlocks your need for time-to-market. That’s one of the main reasons why customers rely on us to quickly deliver safe, highly secure distribution centers that enable them to adopt future technologies, adapt to new realities, and capitalize on market opportunities


Future Proof

Matrix-NDI technology solutions are designed specifically for distribution center customers looking to future-proof their IT infrastructure. We put a laser focus on cybersecurity, compliance, and scalability. We we help you and your team visualize what your technological environment could look like and build a solution based on the goals you share with us. We will ensure that any data or proprietary information you have stored on your legacy systems is carefully transported to your brand new IT infrastructure.

We provide consultative advice on facility construction and expansion in regards to future growth so that you are able to easily expand or upgrade your IT infrastructure is needed. We want you to hold the keys to the castle when the project is complete. Our solutions will reduce future IT costs, enable new technology integration, and allow your teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively.




Web retailers are dominating the market and the number of traditional retailers embracing eCommerce is increasing. IT infrastructure is one of the most essential facets of eCommerce, and your online presence cannot exist without a robust network. eCommerce and web retail relies on data sharing, data storage, and server efficiency to operate. Your network infrastructure will need to be able to handle high levels of web traffic to enable positive client experiences.

Your IT infrastructure is responsible for customer experience, payment processing, order history and status, and personal customer data. All of this needs to be secure, scalable, and consitantly monitored to ensure peak functionality and safety for your customers. eCommerce is a 24/7/365 business model, and your IT infrastructure is where it lives and breathes. You can trust Matrix-NDI to create a versatile, robust, and scalable solution for your business.


According to the International Trade Administration, retail consumer goods eCommerce amounted to approximately 5.4 billion U.S dollars world wide in 2022?

It had an 18% share of the total global retail sales for 2020, and is forecast to have over a 1% annual growth rate, achieving a nearly 22% share of total global retail sales by 2024. 

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