Disaster Recovery Planning

Professional network and data disaster recovery planning allows you to prepare recover from a hacker, the unexpected, or even internal sabotage. Protecting data is important, but the ability to recover applications efficiently and quickly is essential in restoring operations and business as usual. When you consider the true cost of downtime, beyond immediate lost revenue and production, a break in service or operation can damage brand, reputation, and customer commitments.

You can count on Matrix-NDI network design engineers to:

  • Provide a network assessment to understand your individual business continuity requirements
  • Design and engineer a professional disaster recovery and business continuity solution
  • Implement the disaster recovery solution
  • Test and Practice thoroughly
  • Monitor, maintain, and support the IT disaster recovery plan.
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Disaster Recovery Planning

Each business usually defines a disaster differently. From natural disasters to human error to cybersecurity attacks, a business network outage is costly and can put a company out of business quickly.

From email to unified communications, mission-critical information and applications must be available for your team to keep the company moving forward. Sensitive internal and customer data must be secured, esp. to maintain your company’s reputation and a possible trickle-down security breach.

Thankfully, Matrix-NDI brings the engineering expertise and IT services to customize a disaster recovery solution that meets your business requirements from one location to a national IT deployment of backup and recovery.

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Customized DR Plans

A professional disaster recovery plan should take a holistic look at a company’s unique requirements to fully understand the business impact of an outage.

Our network design engineers team consult with you or your IT department to design a disaster recovery plan that is reliable, simple, and flexible to meet a diverse range of recovery objectives (RTO) and budgets.


Almost 75% of all business network outages are caused by cyber criminals, battery (UPS) system failures, internal breach, or human error.

Want to learn proactive strategies to prevent unplanned outages?

Disaster Recovery Plans 

improve your business in four key areas


Managing a Disaster Recovery strategy takes time and financial resources. Transfer the backend IT infrastructure to Matrix-NDI in order to save time and increase productivity.

We will take care of your DR planning, national DR deployment, and testing the disaster recovery plan to make sure it is ready when you need it.


IT simply has problems.  However, we understand that downtime impacts customer perception and trust in your company. 

Our design engineers use powerful technology to reduce your RPO and RTO to the needs of your organization.  From seconds to hours, we'll make sure you're open for business.


Our DR solutions are way more than just a backup tool to choose restore points. You can improve speed by leveraging the ability to spin up active VMs for testing, snapshot management, migration, and verifying changes to your environment before pushing to a live environment.


Efficiently migrate virtual machines from one environment to another with ease. Whether you are in the public cloud, hybrid cloud, or in your own environment, Matrix-NDI's DR solutions will serve as a foundation for moving data, servers, databases, and files between environments.


DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRaaS, or also known as disaster recovery as a service, is simply the replication of physical or virtual servers by an IT service company to provide failover in the event of a human error to natural disasters. DRaaS is especially useful to organizations that lack the necessary expertise or IT infrastructure to provision, configure, deploy nationally and test.

Matrix-NDI's DRaaS utilizes cloud management software for enterprise IT to migrate applications, provide disaster recovery and backup, and hybrid cloud management.

We provide enterprise IT resilience by automating disaster recovery and data backup to a public, private or hybrid cloud.


Data Replication Technologies


Utilizing the benefits of virtualization, hypervisor-based replication deploy software modules directly inside virtual IT infrastructure. All bits are captured, cloned, and delivered to the recovery location at the hypervisor layer, providing efficiency, accuracy, and superior responsiveness.


Known as Guest or OS replication, Agent-based replication utilizes software installed on each physical hardware or VM. Still very portable, the requirement to install software on every server generally will limit scalability and performance.


Commonly called storage-based replication, an array-based replication solution is deployed inside the storage array to replicate an entire LUN without care to its utilized capacity. Array was originally designed for physical servers rather than virtual IT infrastructure.

The cost of downtime associated with waiting for your business network to come back online can result in significant loss in revenue, reputation and productivity. Big or small, it is important every company design, deploy, and manage a Disaster Recovery solution to fit any uptime requirements.

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